Digital transformation starts with connected workflows.

Take control of your business processes with ENGAGE’s workflow management. Our digital client platform optimizes service delivery processes to reveal opportunities for productivity and operational efficiencies, while also improving collaboration and enabling smart working.

  • Optimize processes, streamline operations and enforce global standards

    ENGAGE is designed to minimize error-prone processes through service delivery while identifying points of improvement. The platform’s standard functionality complements service delivery and drives operational best practices.

    Workflow management maps out and coordinates every step of the service delivery structure, from intake to completion. Services are managed on one global platform regardless of physical location, seamlessly supporting various work distribution models from “hub-and-spoke” to “point-to-point.”

    ENGAGE has a single point of entry for all job requests with configurable submission forms by service types, ensuring no request is missed or falls through the cracks. Our suite of plugins for MS Office and Outlook enables request submission for any service within an enterprise and allows for faster data ingestion and verification.

  • Increase transparency and outcome accountability

    ENGAGE gives you an end-to-end view of service delivery. Track the progress of service requests and receive status updates throughout production. You can communicate with your support team and give immediate feedback on quality and timeliness of work.

    The platform also provides a complete chain of custody and audit trail. Full documentation arms you the knowledge of who did what, when, and where, bringing exceptional level of transparency and accountability to the process.

    Through real-time monitoring and comprehensive audit logs, you can identify potential challenges and operational issues, and respond proactively.

  • Scale workflows with efficiency and ease

    The best workflows aren’t meant to be static.

    ENGAGE incorporates scalability into workflows at the start, making it easy to accommodate dips and spikes in volume as your firm goes through periods of change.

    Flexibility in workflows is just as important. With regular software improvements and upgrades, ENGAGE is flexible enough to power through versatile workflow scenarios and ensure that the work continues without disruption.