You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Bring clarity and confidence to decisions with instant access to data. ENGAGE’s self-service reporting portal provides timely insights into production and performance, and other metrics that impact your business productivity. Through reporting, you can connect data to performance and ensure resources are optimally utilized, service levels are maintained, and support activities are aligned with firm objectives.

Reports on service performance, productivity, trend analysis, billing, and user satisfaction are all part of the standard dashboard.

  • Achieve new levels of service performance

    Manage workforce productivity whether they're in the office or working remotely

    Workforce analytics is an important driver for productivity and performance. With ENGAGE’s productivity and service performance dashboards, you can identify issues such as operational roadblocks and resource gaps and create tangible action to address them.

    The productivity dashboard provides a thorough assessment of resource utilization and allocation, as well as time spent on tasks. You can use the productivity analysis to spot productivity improvements, load balance, and ensure that your support team is fully utilized.

    The complementary service performance report provides a clear view of production activity across services, regions, and offices. Toggle between high-level or detailed reports and use various filters to drill down for details. Smart tables and charts expand with more meaningful insights.

  • Drive data-backed decisions that fuel strategic growth

    With data embedded in your business strategy, you can gain more financial and operational control, as well as the ability to predict outcomes.

    ENGAGE’s trend and performance analysis report has graphical displays of work volume, providing an immediate understanding of firm-wide activities. Use these analyses to optimize labor and make more informed decisions on firm strategies and plans.

    The billing report provides real-time billing details that help streamline invoice processing and internal chargebacks. You can access line of business, department, matter, or client usage details and export the data for use in Excel and other software programs.

  • Ensure data quality and regulatory compliance

    Effective data governance leads to secure, accurate, and consistent quality data. It also ensures that critical information is available to all stakeholders, when they need it.

    ENGAGE’s data governance framework is based on best practices and standardization processes. It governs the security, integrity, usability, and compliance of all data flows to improve operational and service delivery efficiencies.