In B2B offices around the world, a client’s perception of your services can be heavily influenced by their experience of visiting your offices. Personalized and professional acknowledgement of visitors, their needs and learnings from previous interactions with your team can go a long way towards building stronger relationships.

At the same time, firms are pressured to reduce support costs for reception and hospitality. But, should those savings come at the expense of service delivery?

Reception and hospitality support

Providing white glove service for clients

Whether onsite at your offices or at our near shore facilities, our trained and experienced reception and hospitality teams will provide an elevated guest experience. At local offices, our experts know everything they need in order to support clients and associates including access passwords, ID information and ground transportation. Reception support is provided to our clients 24/7.

We leverage digital technology like tablets and smart screens to “untether” reception and hospitality personnel from front desks while allowing them to connect to executives and administrators on visitors’ behalf.

From meeting room set-up to catering, our hospitality specialists sit onsite to make sure meetings and events run smoothly. Our nearshore teams provide behind-the-scenes administration for hospitality such as vendor invoice reconciliation and client/department chargeback allocations.