As the volume and variety of electronically stored information continues to grow exponentially, law firms and legal departments are struggling to find cost effective ways to gather potentially responsive evidence. There are a multitude of e-discovery technologies available but finding the right one and effectively managing all the processes associated with the production of litigation case-related documents can be time consuming and costly.

Litigation support and e-discovery

Accessing case information more efficiently

We take a technology agnostic approach, leveraging industry standard tools and our legal process expertise to provide near-shore and offshore end-to-end management of e-discovery and document review processes.

From data collection, processing and document review to production of files, we deliver integrated litigation and back office support that improves service levels and efficiency, reduces costs, including real estate, and frees lawyers to focus on higher value work.


Matter management

Improving service through rules-based matter inception processing

Our proprietary end-to-end legal matter management platform easily imports matters in digital or hardcopy format, into client systems.  We incorporate intelligent automation and rules-based legal processing to easily extract data from digitized hard copy documents which are then updated and uploaded into client systems. Cases and matters are then immediately routed to the appropriate resource to provide a timely response.

It’s a robust and scalable web based system, able to meet changing volumes while easily connecting with any internal case management system.

Our streamlined matter entry process saves time, reduces costs, provides real time MI and frees administrators and customer service teams to focus on client facing activities.