While most organizations strive for a paperless office few can say that they have achieved one. Most companies, especially in regulated industries such as banking and legal, still rely on some paper records. Getting everyone in the firm to adopt digital record keeping practices is challenging. In many cases, digital records and information is siloed across locations or practice groups, making it difficult to accurately maintain and access across departments and offices. Disparate record management processes not only impact the integrity of work but also put companies at risk.

Providing right shore support for records management

We provide both strategic information governance and tactical record management support. Our Record Management services connect work silos and information channels throughout the organization. By developing an information governance framework to meet the specific regulatory and legal guidelines you need to work within, we provide enhanced control over document lifecycles.

We’re experts in records management technologies and best practices. We manage all element of a record’s life cycle, from file creation, sorting and filing, to off-site archival management and destruction scheduling. We provide thorough audit trails that support document management policies. We re-engineer disaster prevention and recovery planning programs to include vital records, record conversions and disposition policy, aligning them with overall Business Continuity Plans.

Best of all, we centralize processes and, where possible, use support staff in our onshore centers, freeing up space in your offices for more client focused activities.