Customer queries, mortgage applications and claims forms mean that many companies still rely heavily on paper documents and email attachments to process millions of transactions and customer interactions each day. Receiving documents, moving them through the approval process and having content available when needed remains a challenge for even the most sophisticated organizations.

Improving response rates and service levels

Our inbound services securely digitize, index, share and manage information that’s vital to customer interactions. We manage the entire process from the channel through which correspondence is received through to the handling and onwardly secure delivery into document management and service platforms.

We ingest documents rapidly on-site, offshore and offsite at our state-of-the-art facilities. From hassle free account openings to fast complaints handling, speed and efficiency is always key. You benefit from cost savings and your customers get the simple processes, rapid responses and high service levels they expect.

We align to your specific objectives all the while keeping efficiency our top priority. We employ straight through business processes which reduce time to serve while automated processing allows for continuous compliance with legislative, corporate and sector-related regulations.

Additionally, we can work with law firms and other document-intensive businesses to convert hard copy documents in offsite storage into digital documents and move these into their document management systems.