Today, law firms and legal departments are challenged to keep up with variable demands for document processing support. Work volumes are not predictable and spikes in demand can drive up overtime expenses. Additionally, highly tenured, in-house support staff often lack newer skills and access to the technologies needed to deliver document processing more effectively. As a result, work quality suffers and costs continue to rise.

That’s why so many law firms turn to us.

Document and word processing

Improving service levels through centralized document processing

Our experienced legal support teams provide closed loop document processing and proofreading solutions that streamline workflows, increase productivity and efficiency and improve service levels.

We create a customized and centralized word processing solution to fit each firm’s unique culture. Our teams sit onsite at firm offices and/or at our onshore and offshore locations to respond effectively to workload peaks and valleys. Our workflow and collaboration technologies provide firm stakeholders with instant access to our support teams, work status, production metrics and reporting.

Our teams work 24/7 to deliver high-quality, accurate and timely document processing services. We provide as much or as little support as required, without ever losing sight of the core objective — providing superior service to law firms and their clients.