The rise of remote working is challenging traditional office support requirements and driving the need for a more digital workplace. That starts with how employees access and respond to incoming physical and digital mail. Rapid access is paramount as companies process information at an increasing pace. With Williams Lea’s digital mailroom, you can connect physical and digital mail, and achieve the efficiency, speed, and accuracy that are required to thrive in a more virtual world.

A robust solution for the digital age

Our scalable, end-to-end digital mailroom service automates the collection, data processing, validation, and distribution of incoming mail. At its core, it is a seamless digitization workflow where incoming mail is either scanned at the envelope level or opened, entered into a workflow, and scanned and routed to the right department or downstream application.

We’ve combined all expectations, external factors, and learnings into three service models designed to meet increasingly complex requirements of a digitally enabled virtual business process:

Standalone solution
A lightweight digital mailroom service that features a basic workflow and sends scanned contents to a network folder or email. It’s easily deployed with minimal set-up time, and best suited for low-volume post mail and departmental mail.

Digital mail
An on-premise or cloud-based solution that supports mid- to high-volume work. Envelopes and contents are imaged and routed to dynamic emails or web applications. This is best suited for post mail, departmental mail, and multi-site operations.

Business process workflow
This custom digital mailroom solution is intended for high-volume structured and semi-structured data and uses true Line of Business (LOB) imaging. It features automated document classification and data capture that can be pushed downstream into the appropriate applications.

These solutions can be managed on-site in your office location, on-site in one or two locations supported by client Hub locations, or off-site where it’s fully managed by Williams Lea. We can also customize a hybrid operating model, depending on your requirements.


Digital mail for a virtual world

A digital mailroom supports the speedy delivery of vital, high-value information to recipients, regardless of where they are.

Williams Lea’s digital mailroom solution has proactive built-in disaster recovery operating models that establishes business continuity in case of a disruption in operations. It optimizes essential mailroom functions and integrates inbound mail directly into LOB data streams and applications, improving operational efficiency. Our solution may also significantly reduce operational footprint and expense, since digital mailrooms require less real estate for mail handling and storage.

Automate and accelerate your mailroom operations with our digital mailroom services and move your business into the future of digital transformation.