Firms are feeling the profit squeeze from every direction. In this evolving business climate, competition, growing client demands, new regulations, globalization, real estate costs, cybersecurity and new ways of working are just some of the commercial challenges being faced.

We help and support law firms to realize operating efficiencies, evolve for the future and stay focused on core legal activities through connected, high-touch global legal support processes.

  • Outpacing the competition and improving profitability

    The acceleration of change continues to impact the legal profession, bringing a need for greater commercial focus across the industry. Simultaneously, new technologies, ways of working and cybersecurity needs are changing the way that Partners, Associates and support staff work. All this combines to significantly impact firms’ ability to manage costs and maintain or increase profits.

  • Evolving law firm operations through global delivery of legal support services

    We understand on a more sophisticated and professional level how to deliver exceptional services and cost efficiencies. For more than 30 years, we have helped law firms evolve and revitalize their businesses, improve support ratios, automate business processes, enhance the growth potential of their workforce and adapt to changes that have challenged the cultural and institutional norm.

    From traditional onsite support models to nearshore and offshore outsourced operations, our partnership provides firms with the necessary expertise and options to enhance service levels. This enables Partners and Associates to return their focus to enhancing the delivery of core legal services to clients.

    Best of all, our technologies connect support activities, enable real-time collaboration between Williams Lea and firm associates, as well as provide full transparency and reporting across back-office, legal support and document services activities.

  • A case study in digitization

    Two leading multinational law firms merged to expand their reach into the Americas. Together, the firms have over 2,200 employees, including 500 partners, and act on behalf of public and private sectors across a number of jurisdictions. Their existing business model for sales in the possession and equity release space needed to be transformed so they could deliver higher volumes at a lower cost base while improving response times for customers. Find out more.

  • A case study in document processing

    An elite law firm with more than 70 years of experience needed to improve document processing capabilities. The law firm relied on a support team of 50 highly-tenured employees, who were being paid above market salaries but lacked the adequate skill set to carry out the day-to-day document processing tasks. Lawyers and partners no longer wanted to use their in-house team because they were not efficiently servicing this very important support function. Find out more.