Whether you’re an investment or retail bank, asset management or insurance company, creating timely but accurate branded and compliant pitches, presentations and client communications is paramount to success.

From research and analytics to pitch book and creative services as well as large-scale document production services, we provide the support needed for your teams to improve client interactions and deliverables from day one.

  • Standing out in crowded and regulated environments

    Increasing regulation, greater competition for clients and market share – as well as a growing need to manage risk. Add the growing volumes of data and information and the proliferation of digital channels and technologies available for communication delivery means the landscape for pitches and client communications becomes even more complex. Missteps not only impact client relationships – they put the firm at financial and reputational risk.

    These challenges exist in almost every part of a financial services operation including administrative and business services, where managing and mitigating risk throughout daily processes is a reality. Companies continue to feel pressure to reduce operating costs.

    We make it possible to do both.

  • A heritage of managing risk and increasing operational efficiency

    We lead the way in compliant presentations, business and document support services for the financial sector. More than half of the world’s top ten financial institutions rely on Williams Lea to deliver enterprise-wide solutions that maximize pitchbook creation, client communications and business support opportunities.

    We take charge of processes and apply our expertise to internal document workflows and critical business support activities. We leverage our onshore and offshore delivery teams to provide secure, around-the-clock support that meets the demanding needs of financial services organizations and their clients. Financial services teams benefit from cost savings, improved turnaround times and increased services levels for critical pitch documents.

    With Williams Lea at the helm, our clients are confident that their data and information is secure and compliant.

  • A case study in winning advisory clients with digital pitchbooks

    A top global financial institution relies on presentation and creative services teams around the world to build digital pitchbooks. Pitchbook creation requires around-the-clock creative support to fulfill the requests of global investment managers who adapt materials based on last-minute client requests. The financial institution did not have the bandwidth or expertise in-house to develop individualized, security sensitive digital marketing materials on a global level, within budget and on-brand. Find out more.

  • A case study in improving legal process management for a multinational investment bank

    A leading multinational bank and investment services company relies on internal staff to manage legal support services.

    Management and reinforcement of the company’s global legal spend required increased administration. Law firms and consulting vendors compliance with pricing, alternative fee arrangement and e-billing practices became challenging to maintain at current administrative staffing levels. Find out more.