Flexible delivery models

We’re everywhere you need us to be – connecting your business worldwide with our vast pool of global resources. Whether you choose to engage with our onsite, onshore or offshore operations, or a combination of all three, our focus provides you with flexible, 24/7 support that maximizes efficiency and savings.

  • Onsite services

    Working side-by-side to deliver seamless and integrated support

    Our account managers and operations associates sit onsite at your offices around the globe to ensure your outsourced operations are implemented and run smoothly. Our global infrastructure provides local support resources for HR, IT and operations to empower managers to quickly make decisions or resolve issues.

  • Onshore operations

    Connected and consistent virtual support

    Our onshore operational centers are built to meet the complex demands of B2B service organizations. They are dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities that offer support for back office, administrative and critical business functions.

    Our 24/7 operations with confidential client units and ISO27001 certified technologies, ensure the best possible data security and business continuity. Since all our sites are connected, they provide back-up redundancy that ensures uninterrupted production schedules.


  • Offshore operations

    Around-the-clock global service delivery, ready when you need it

    Our operations in Chennai and Cochin (India) play an integral part in our global delivery model.

    When your business closes for the day, our Indian operations effectively extend your operating hours. This improves turnaround time, reduces cost and provides a zero-defect model — without sacrificing the quality and confidentiality of your work.