Our ENGAGE digital client platform drives service quality and performance in a virtual and digital world.

Transforming support services with connected processes and insights

In the office, at home, on-the-road. ENGAGE helps your executives, managers and support teams collaborate and stay connected. Through ENGAGE users can securely submit work requests, upload relevant documents, check status and turnaround commitments and provide feedback. ENGAGE Analytics provides real-time access to metrics, audit trails and service performance.

Creating operational efficiencies with seamless production management

ENGAGE’s workflow relies on best practice data governance and standardization to streamline workflows. Plug-ins for standard tools such as MS Outlook or ServiceNow, automate intake process directly from commonly used systems. Dashboards provide detailed views into service activities, productivity and utilization, allowing for real-time task and job queue management, secure job sharing and a complete chain of custody for all activities.

Standard reporting provides line of sight to staff utilization, user request history and metrics, and quality and timeliness of service for each, ensuring resources are optimally utilized, service levels are maintained, and support activities are aligned with firm objectives.

Driving business strategy with analytics and insights

ENGAGE Analytics provide timely performance insights such as volume trends, billing and requester activity across services, business units and geographies, allowing you to quickly monitor and react to business trends. Detailed billing data helps internally distribute costs, cost recovery and allocating pass-through costs. Insights into requester activity can be early indicators of businesses challenges or development opportunities.

Protecting data through world-class security protocols

Strict security protocols and policies enable ENGAGE’s digital ecosystem to perform at optimal levels and mitigate threats before they materialize. The platform is hosted on AWS and has multi-layered security measures built in, while the physical AWS data centers carry globally recognized certifications. Our Cyber Defense Team also provides 24/7 monitoring of external threat intelligence data.

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How we help

  • Improve team productivity

    Producing performance analytics and managing workflows that boost productivity
  • Access scalable resources

    Delivering flexible service models that meet evolving resource requirements
  • Improve document processing production and turnaround time

    Implementing closed-loop processes that drive operational efficiencies