Global law firm

Centralized document processing support improves quality and reduces cost

Results overview


99% SLA compliance


$11 million in
savings over five years


50% improvement
in team utilization

The story

A white shoe law firm with approximately 1,100 lawyers operating in 17 offices worldwide wanted to improve document processing support, which faced quality and compliance issues due to a lack of adequate processes and technology. Williams Lea was selected for our experience delivering high-touch, centralized document processing solutions.

The challenge

The firm struggled with a highly paid and long tenured document processing team that lacked skills to adapt new technologies. Service quality was poor and slow with recurring missed deadlines and rising overtime costs. Lack of technology to track workflow, productivity or staff utilization limited the ability to resolve pain points across support processes. The firm needed to overhaul its process in this area while reigning in rising operational costs.

Our solution

Williams Lea centralized the firms’ document creation and processing services using a two-phased approach. First, we established a team in the firm’s NYC headquarters, with a small team at Williams Lea’s center of excellence in Wheeling, WV for ad-hoc and overflow support. Once the firm practitioners were comfortable with the new team, we centralized support at our Wheeling site, freeing up valuable real estate in the firm’s Wall Street office for more strategic activities. Additionally, we integrated workflow technology for tracking job requests, staff utilization, cost and cost recovery.

The centralized service provides improved quality, utilization and process and operational efficiency that delivers additional cost avoidance for the firm.

Relevant Services

  • Improve document processing and production and turnaround time

    Implementing closed-loop processes that drive operational efficiencies

  • Align skills of support staff

    Upskilling support teams to thrive in a digital-first era

  • Improve secretary-to-attorney ratios

    Optimizing staff structure through centralized secretarial support

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