Streamlining back office support process to better serve key employees


  • Request delivery time reduced from hours to less than 4 minutes
  • Over 99% of requests submitted through our team
  • Reduced error rate to 0.001% for conference room bookings
  • 1,500+ conference room requests per month, worldwide


Our client, a Fortune 100 bank, with over 60,000 employees, and $850 billion in total assets, operates in 41 different countries around the globe. The bank appointed Williams Lea to manage its mail, reprographics, desktop publishing and creative services over ten years ago.

  • Challenge

    The client faced challenges with administrative staffing for executives who needed support services and they also faced pain points in the conference room booking process. They were using another third party service provider who failed to communicate policies, procedures and initiatives, leading to poor service quality and long wait times for request fulfillment. Since Williams Lea has subject matter expertise in banking, a trusted relationship with the client in document and presentation services, and expertise in virtualizing support activities, they turned to us to develop a concrete solution.

  • Solution

    Due diligence was conducted onsite through client focus groups. We covered challenges and opportunities for future growth. We used the feedback to develop a solution. We developed comprehensive workflow processes designed to reduce errors and manage time more efficiently for our administrative support team.

    Through these bespoke workflow guides, we are now supporting the bank’s administrative support staff onsite and virtually through our onshore facility. Our service is open ten hours a day, five days a week. We work with several managing directors, over 200 executive directors, and 60 vice presidents to provide full-service support in conference room bookings, expense reporting, travel booking and arrangements, calendar management and phone support. In a typical month we receive over 1,500 conference room requests and schedule more than 1,000 meetings, delivering each request within minutes. 99% of these requests are now processed by our team.

The key benefits for the client are a high quality and consistent service using a workflow process that minimizes process gaps and is tailored to meet the client’s needs.