Wins advisory clients with digital pitchbooks


  • Improved overall satisfaction
  • 30% increase in speed for design process
  • 42% reduction in creative spend


A top global financial institution leads the way in investment banking through consistent quality, reliability of services, support and technological advancements. To communicate with potential clients, the bank relies on presentation and creative services teams around the world to build digital pitchbooks.

  • Challenges

    The client did not have the experience or expertise in-house to develop individualized, security sensitive digital marketing material. They needed to be able to deliver this on a global scale within budget and on-brand. Pitchbook creation requires around-the-clock creative support to fulfill the requests of global investment managers who adapt the material based on last-minute requests from their clients.

  • Solution

    We took over the pitchbook creative function from the client and set up a dedicated digital team of our creative experts. Our expert team is responsible for creative services and direction, global adaptation and client support solutions. We are part of the client’s culture, which allows us to organically develop new, exceptional creative material for pitchbooks. Our team is available 24/7 for global client support. By taking over this important sales support function, we help our client lead the charge in investment banking.

The Williams Lea people, knowledge and ownership of the product is most impressive. It comes down to the people on the ground understanding what is needed and succeeding in providing us with quality and service.