Global consulting firm

Enhancing presentations and creative services with accuracy and brand adherence

Results overview


Over $450,000 in year-one savings


20% accuracy improvement


Scaled to 200 specialists in less than two years


Our client is a leading US based global consulting firm with over 20,000 employees, operating in over 50 countries and generating over $8.5 in annual revenue. The firm needed a consistent global solution to support consultants across all geographies with creative, on-brand presentations and documents.


The firm’s existing presentations and creative support teams struggled to cope with increasing volume and demand, leading to slower turnaround times, inconsistent work quality and rising user complaints. The firm needed additional support to manage increasing demand and built-in flexibility for rapid team expansion to meet future growth. Strict brand guidelines needed to be followed and creative skills were essential to make documents stand out. The firm turned to Williams Lea for its experience in providing best-in-class presentations and creative services.


We established two dedicated and centralized offshore teams, allowing for business continuity and future expansion. The teams include skilled presentations and graphic designers who create combined MS Office and Adobe presentations and documents. Qualified quality controllers ensure accuracy and brand adherence throughout the process.

Thanks to the smooth implementation from pilot to go-live, accuracy improved by 20%. Built in flexibility in recruiting and training helped the team triple in less than a year and then double again in the next six months. Today, more than 200 specialists in Cochin and Chennai, provide rapid and accurate global support for the client.

Relevant Services

How we help

  • Make pitches more creative and digital

    Crafting powerful rich-media presentations that deliver results

  • Access scalable resources

    Meeting evolving resource needs through flexible service models

  • Improve speed to market

    Meeting demand through optimized start-up, production and turnaround


May 18, 2022

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